Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New video footage has emerged of Angelina Jolie from the late 1990s which is alleged to have been filmed after she bought drugs from a dealer

Convicted drug dealer Franklin Meyer claims he shot the 16-
minute footage with Jolie's consent in 1999 after she called
him round to her Manhattan home to re-supply her with heroin
and cocaine.

Jolie has since described it as a 'dark' and 'dangerous' period of
her life which she was lucky to survive.

In the video, first released the video to The National Enquirer,
the Maleficent star paces back and forth in a dingy apartment
as she talks frantically on the phone.

The television is on in the background as Angelina appears to
be in a state of distress as trash bags and soda cans litter the
floor and coffee table.

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