Saturday, 5 July 2014

Another Lagos Mayhem! Policeman attached to Wema bank causes disorder in Ikeja (photos)

While the military chaos was going on at the Ikorodu road, Lagos on
Friday morning, another chaos also happened in Ikeja..

A police officer attached to Wema Bank, Oba Akran branch, allegedly
shot an 'innocent' conductor and another chaos ensued.

As a result, his colleagues at his motor park, stormed Wema Bank
premises, destroyed part of the building and all the windscreens of cars
parked in the premises, which mostly belonged to the bank officials and
few customers.

Many of the properties destroyed were worth millions of naira.
Passers-by had to rally round for support to help the conductor who was
lying helplessly in a pool of his own blood before he was taken to

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